XX MINOM-ICOM International Conference 2019 Lugo, Galicia


"Towards a 4D museology: social, environmental, political and economically sustainable"

Dates of celebration: October 28-29-30-31 2019
Venue: Pazo de Tor Museum, Monforte de Lemos. Lugo, Galicia, Spain.
Organizing Institutions: Provincial Museum Network of Lugo, History Studies Centers of the city of Lugo - University of Santiago de Compostela and International Movement for a New Museology -MINOM-.
Collaborating institutions: ICOM, ICOFOM and Ibermuseos.

Presentation: The Provincial Museum Network of Lugo will host the XX International Congress of MINOM, organized by the International Movement for a New Museology, with the collaboration of a partnership of international institutions and organizations such as ICOM, ICOFOM, Ibermuseos and the Center of Study of History of the City - University of Santiago de Compostela, among others, that will meet the days 28 to the 31 of October of 2019 in the Museum Pazo de Tor, city of Monforte de Lemos (Lugo, Spain).

The theme of the XX Conference MINOM will be "Towards a 4D museology: social, environmental, political and economically sustainable", a reflective-propositive space to address from the philosophical principles of social museology, the accessibility and fulfillment of cultural rights from the museum device, as an enabler of an improvement in the quality of life of citizens, based on a holistic view of sustainability based on human and cultural heritage.

This international forum will bring together museum workers, cultural institutions and community organizations that, committed through direct actions in their territories, will take on the debates, interests and social proposals of the communities in which they are involved as mediators and heritage educators.

The proposal proposes to think about principles and strategies of sustainability, in its diverse interrelated dimensions - social, economic, political and environmental - that from the institutions of museums and the processes of memory, put the value of the cultural and natural heritage and the cultural diversity.

Based on the postulates of the Round Table of Santiago de Chile (1972), the Declaration of Québec (1984), the Salvador de Bahía Charter (2007) and the Córdoba Charter (2017), and within the framework of the Recommendation Regarding the Protection and Promotion of Museums and Collections, their Diversity and their Role in Society (UNESCO, 2015), MINOM proposes meetings and regional exchanges to analyze, dialogue and lay common ground to propose an anthropological approach to heritage, centered in people and social groups. From a perspective of museums with-and-for people, this new international meeting will seek to address four current thematic axes in the different contexts where museums operate from the material and symbolic to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

The XX MINOM International Conference is structured in two parts:

- Training course in Social Museology.

- International conference

That is why spaces and times are established for:
- Invited conferences of professionals of recognized prestige.
- Presentation of national and international communications (work experiences).
- The interaction through visits, workshops and meetings with local associations that favor the orientation of good practices within the New Museology.

Work axes:

AXIS 1 Museums and social sustainability: People as centers in the integral management of museums, in line with the reality of the universe of communities (genders, children and youth, old people in the framework of rurality and urbanity) and the ability to provide support , answers and improvements in their quality of life, in the symbolic-material planes.

AXIS 2 Museums and political sustainability: The management of museums, public policies of culture and the articulation with the third sector as a collaborative framework for the construction of new meanings for the common good through plans, programs and projects related to heritage from a perspective of human scale.

AXIS 3 Museums and environmental sustainability: Museums, patrimonial actions and experiences in spaces that act in relation to territories or spaces that are stressed (as fields of disputes) by diverse appropriations. Ex: conflicts with mining and extractivism, agro-industry, the gentrification of historic spaces, the depopulation of villages and communities, indigenous territories, etc.

AXIS 4: Museums and economic sustainability: Public budgetary financing as a guarantor of the common good in culture together with collaborative and networked economy projects as possible territories in the management of intra and extra organization plans, programs and projects. .

Structure of the XX MINOM International Conference 2019:
The program is organized

It is based on the double dimension established for the last international conferences of MINOM, in which the most traditional format is combined with the training course in Social Museology.

In response to this scheme, the following activities will be carried out:
- Training course in social museology.
- Conferences by invitation to members of MINOM-ICOM and other groups / social organizations that will develop specific topics, followed by discussion and exchange of ideas.
- Exhibition of projects and / or communications that propose critical-reflexive reviews on the part of the assistants, in a dialogical debate, that allows to de-construct the practices in / from / for / with museums and communities, looking for a contemporary reading of the New Museology and Social Museology.
- Working groups in which the accepted papers converge by thematic link, namely: A) Self-criticism, B) Proposals and C) Systematization of experiences. The tables will have a coordinating person who will organize the debate between the present ones, with the competent elaboration of report of the tackled.
- Visits, workshops and meetings with local associations that favor the orientation of
good practices within the New Museology.

Registration: The event requires prior registration from August 1, 2019 to mail
inscripcion.20conferenciaminom@gmail.com with the subject "Registration - XX MINOM Lugo".

More information:
Provincial Museum Network of Lugo: https://bit.ly/2BDhQCq
Web: https://bit.ly/2SGPAcL
Downloadable brochure in Galician, Spanish, Portuguese, French and English: https://bit.ly/2SW4GKW