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Contextualized, media-independent purveyor of socio-cultural and historical knowledge- Storyteller

Storyteller addresses the topic DT-TRANSFORMATIONS- 12-2018- 2020: Curation of digital assets and advanced digitisation as it aims to develop a system to acquire, process and present information to users in a way that will provide them with a meaningful storyline, considering timelines, topics and the familiarity of the user with the presented topics.

List of Participants

Agência Lusa Portugal (Coordinator), Agencia EFE Spain, Blasting News UK, Universidade Lusófona Portugal, Suite5 Cyprus, Ubitech Greece, inknow solutions Portugal

what is the objective of storyteller?

Ancient storytellers served as mediators between audiences and knowledge, by modelling their experience of the story to improve the assimilation of information. With this project we aim to provide the same facilitation mechanism towards digital(ised) information. We adapt the available information to the context of use and help knowledge-seeking users to discover relevant knowledge linked to their current activity without having to dig deep into archives.

When a user engages in a creative activity (e.g. a reporter starts writing a piece about the economic impact of climate change on a specific region), storyteller will look for content that is relevant for the user’s expertise, the activity’s subject, the location of the subject, etc. and interlink it, in order to provide content that is useful and enriches the user’s current knowledge and also combines different objects (independently of their source or format), creating integrated contents with a variable level of detail, according to the user’s needs.

Storyteller is therefore an advanced curator of knowledge that focuses on the complex context of a situation to foster meaningful new knowledge to users.  

Horizon 2020

Pillar: Societal Challenges

Work Programme: Europe in a changing world – Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies

Topic: Curation of digital assets and advanced digitization