Experimental Laboratory of Museology and Education

The  Experimental Laboratory of Museology and Education is part of the  Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Education & Development CeiED

The Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Education and Development » (CeiED) is an R&D unit founded at the Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias (ULHT) for the fields of Education, Heritage, Human Development and Museology. CeiED integrates, in an interdisciplinary way, research and advanced training. The Centre is organized in two different Research Groups:

  • Education, Identities and Public Policies (Bachelor degrees, Masters and PhD)
  • Memory, training, culture(s) and territory ( Master and PhD in Museology

Each Research Group is organized in Thematic Areas according to the research interests of the Researchers and also to the important research areas of the Bachelor degrees, Masters and PhDs

CeiED is evaluate and subsidize by national Foundation for Science and Tecnology

Experimental Laboratory of Museology and Education (LEME) aims at:

1. Developing a new understanding  and practice of expographic resources in different educational contexts. LEME will operate in the field of expographic innovation primarily as an educational/procedural resource, especially in the scope of partnership dynamics and community actions;

2. Work with testimonies of educational stakeholders about school memories for study and disseminate in different formats educational materials in urban and rural schools

LEME has a history:

70 master Master dissertations (Msc. maximum evaluation by A3ES);

25 PhD Thesis (PhD maximum evaluation by A3ES);

Several academic programs in Museology and  Sociomuseology in Brazil and Cape Verde;

Long time partnership particularly with Brazilian Universities;

National meetings “Museology and Municipalities” 17 events (2-3 days);

Most relevant international conferences : ICTOP- ICOM 1994, 2008 and MINOM- ICOM 2007, 2011

Journal of Sociomuseology(44 vols) 1993-2012. Reorganized in 2013  (10 vols.) with the  requisites for international indexation.Creative Commons CC,BY, SA